The Galentz Cultural Foundation was founded in June 2009, right ahead of the opening of the Galentz Museum, to provide a multi-dimensional support to the activities and development of the museum; to preserve and replenish the collection; as well as to study the work legacy of Haroutiun and Armine Galentzs in Armenia and abroad, by making it more known to the public. The foundation mainly contributes to the implementation of educational programs and organization of various events.

The Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Armenia, the permanent partner of the Galentz Cultural Foundation, has a valuable investment in the development of the Galentz Museum. Due to this cooperation, it has been possible for the museum to bring to life a number of important projects in Armenia, as well as abroad, throughout its five years of activity.


Founder-President: Saro Galentz

Trustee: Armen Galentz /Kalents/

Board of Trustees: Naira Melqumyan, Eduard Karsyan, Ara Haytayan

Executive Director: Larisa Katasanova