Travelling in the Scorching Sun

Travelling in the Scorching Sun

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October 06, 2011 – March 03, 2012

Opening: 18:00


The Galentz Museum opens the first exhibition of ”Travelling in the Scorching Sun” exhibition series, the main objectives of which are to present different work periods of the artist, make her inner world known to the public, by trying to reveal her nature.

Little Armine Galentz’s passion for travelling has started in the scorching desert sun of Syria – Damascus, Polis (Istanbul), Aleppo, Jerusalem, Beirut… Unconsciously travelling became the greatest love of Armine Galentz’s childhood. Her impressions from travelling have contributed to the development of her understanding and mental abilities.



The current exhibition comprises the aquarelle works painted by Armine Galentz in Syria and Lebanon during the 1940s. The artist had fortunately brought these works from Lebanon while moving to Armenia. The works displayed at the exhibition were painted in a seaside country, and thus bear the subtle and transparent hues of Lebanon. The exhibition is aimed at presenting still an unknown Armine, showing the artist’s direct connection to nature, her studies on the interrelations between light, shade, air and colour.

All these works have been in a folder so far, not having been exhibited in Armenia. Though some paintings have the artist’s maiden name on them – Armine Paronyan, the majority bears ”Armine Galentz” signature in French.

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