Galentz’s Drama. Paintings, Graphics

Galentz’s Drama. Paintings, Graphics

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June 14 – July 20, 2011

Opening: 18:00


”…He has given his cheerful paintings up, creating only drama. How much trouble, how much suffering the lines drawn with a sharp nib bear! It is a completely new quality. If there is a kind of lucid purity in painting, then there is a huge universal drama in graphic, in the blacks and whites, in their accentuation and relations…”

– Armine Galentz

It is for the first time that Haroutiun Galentz’s graphics will be displayed in a separate exhibition as part of the collection of the Galentz Museum. The exhibition comprises about 70 artworks mainly painted in the 1960s. It was in this period, during the last years of his life, that Galentz immersed himself in graphic art. He would paint on any piece of paper, box of cigarette or match, copy-book close at hand, then destroying all of them. And it was Armine Galentz who saved those pieces, by unnoticeably collecting them in a separate folder. Every such a piece conveys a content of a complete large canvas. Graphics created an empowering field for Galentz’s search for new colour solutions, opening a new creative phase for him which was unexpectedly interrupted by the artist’s death… 

Galentz’s graphics witness about a new creative flight that was developing in the artist’s inner world.



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