Edward Karsyan. Retrospection

Edward Karsyan. Retrospection

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April 03 – June 03, 2012

Opening: 18:00


On April 3, 2012 the solo exhibition of an outstanding painter-monumentalist Edward Karsyan, entitled ”Edward Karsyan. Retrospection”, will be held for the first time in Armenia, in the Galentz Museum.

The exhibition comprises the whole variety of his professional activity – the paintings and graphics dating back to the 70s – 80s; enamel-painting and ornamented ceramics; dimensional images of monumental works; photographs and videos of design and monumental works.

Edward Karsyan was born in Yerevan in 1942, in a family of painters – Vardan Karsyan and Arpenik Parsamyan. In 1962 the search for new professional horizons led him to Moscow where he graduated from the Sate Collage of Art and Industry after S. Stroganov (today it is turned into Academy).

During those years he totally immersed himself in a new world for him, that of studies and experiments in the sphere of monumental-decorative work.

Edward Karsyan’s success was so obvious that he conducted his thesis on the “Interior Design of the USSR Embassies” in the USSR embassy in Belgrade in 1969. Thus a number of large-scale projects of the interior design of the monumental-decorative buildings began to be implemented in Russia and Armenia.



That time on Edward Karsyan’s initiative, the department of Monumental Art was opened in the Artists’ Union of Armenia, and the artist himself ran the department.

The exhibition will provide a unique opportunity to get acquainted with E. Karsyan both as a monumentalist and designer, and as a painter, yet unknown to a wider audience as such. Interior design of buildings has always attracted the artist with its wide range of opportunities for self-manifestation, though it has only been continuation of painting for him.

The exhibition ”Edward Karsyan. Retrospection” is targeted at ”opening a door” to the work studio of Edward Karsyan where for already over 50 years he has been experimenting with enamel painting and clay, wood and stone, other various materials, with his brush and paints, a studio like a special ”laboratory” where projects of unique interior design, glass painting and mosaic are born.

The exhibition presents works that have never been exhibited before, both from the artist’s own and other private collections.

Within the exhibition meetings with the artist will be held.

Exhibition hall design: E. Karsyan

Curator: L. Katasanova

The exhibition is organized with the support of ”Interde” Company and the Galentz Cultural Foundation.

Technical support: Magazine “Design DeLux”

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