Armine Galentz: Portrait – a Look from Inside

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May 04 – December 05, 2014 

Opening: 18:00


“In the portraits I try to preserve whatever my inner eye catches.  Sometime one can discern some colours and lines in a man that cannot be expressed through any type of photography.

Only the spirit can see a spirit; and it is the eye, enlightened by belief, that penetrates into hearts like a ray …”

Armine Galentz, 2004

The Galentz Museum presents the large-scale exhibition of the portraits entitled “PORTRAIT – A LOOK FROM INSIDE” by Armine Galentz.

The exhibition has a chronological structure, comprising a long period of time – from 1953 to 2000, and thus 80 portraits. Portrait painting was one of Armine Galentz’s favourite genres, and the rich heritage of the portraits of her contemporaries witness about it.

Based on the chronology, the exhibition is divided into 4 parts, by providing an opportunity to follow the development of the artist’s artistic philosophy, flexibility of lines, transformations of colours and facture.

The 6 self-portraits, that open the exhibition, belong to different periods of Armine Galentz’s professional life, including one of her first self-portraits that she painted at the age of 18 in Haroutiun Galentz’s studio in Beirut, and fortunately it is preserved up till today.



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