Armine Galentz: Life

Armine Galentz: Life

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March 20 – October 16, 2015 

Opening: 18:00


”I am a dreamer and I have tried to understand man; I have looked for the causes of different phenomena, avoiding from judging…”

Since 1967, after Haroutiun Galentz’s death, Armine Galentz has worked on a series of compositions, entitled ”Life”, for years. ”Requiem”, which was devoted to Haroutiun Galentz, set basis for the series. The latter differs a lot from the other works of the artist with both its colours and mood.



”I have had a great loss; I have seen the real face of death and depicted it as it is in the painting…”. The works, presented in the series ”Life”, are mainly large-scale compositions where her feelings, thoughts and her interpretation of the sense of human life are reflected through symbolic figures.  The core idea of the series is the feeling of loneliness.




Armine Galentz presented some parts of the series during her first solo exhibition held at the Artists’ Union of Armenia in 1980.



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