Ignored Reality

Ignored Reality

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Is there a new and as of yet unapplied way of reinspecting Armenian art?  A group of working artists formed around Galentz Museum suggests that «Ignored Reality» project-exhibition can be just that.

Such movements as symbolism, futurism, magical realism, surrealism and other movements, openly adherent to their derivative branches, have not existed in our environment. Therefore, the absence of visual material of these movements in Armenia justifies the reasoning of this initiative.

That is why by calling the project Ignored Reality, we preferred to present a panoramic view of works from Armenian artists in the aforementioned styles of painting, ranging from the middle of the twentieth century to the present. There are also transient works, where the abstract, pop-art, new age and conceptual elements complement the diverse traits of displayed items.





undertaker and curator of the exhibition and catalogue

Saro Galentz


Ara Haytayan, Karen Arakel


Nana Aramyan, Harutyun Zulumyan


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