Land of Vitality

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23.09. – 30.09.2016

of At the initiative of «ART PR» PR company and with the support of the RA Ministry of Culture  an exhibition entitled  “Land of Vitality” on September 23, 2016  is opening in “Galentz Museum”, which brings together 43 contemporary artists. The exhibition is devoted to the 25th anniversary independence of Republic of Armenia.

The project is unique in that all the works were created specifically for this project and participate in the exhibition artists live in Armenia. The artist Narek Avetisyan will present an exceptional performance during the opening of the exhibition.

The exhibition will be shown in Gyumri “Style” exhibition hall from October 5-25 and in Vanadzor Museum of Fine Arts November 1-25.

Curator –  Arman Grigoryan

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