“Galents and his Contemporaries.”

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The project “Galents and his contemporaries” consists of a series of exhibitions that will be concentrated on Haroutiun Galentz’s two main artistic periods. The  Lebanon period, where he lived and worked in 1927- 1946, and Armenian period of 1946-1967.  The main purpose of this project is to explore the time and environment, which had  influence on Haroutiun Galentz artistic development.

The first exhibition of the project represents the personal collection of  Galentz. He brought this collection with him to Armenia from Beirut in 1946.  The collection  includes some of Galentz’s contemporaries  paintings and graphic works. The collection gives opportunity to get acquainted with art works of the artists – local artists or artists from Europe, who by bate found themselves in Lebanon in early 20th century.

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