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The collection of the “Galentz Museum” was developed on the basis of the private collections of Armen and Saro Galentzs, the sons of Haroutiun and Armine Galentzs.

The Museum collection provides an opportunity to present the artistic legacy of Haroutiun and Armine Galentzs in a more comprehensive and complete way. The collection features paintings, colour paintings, graphics, and sketches that the two artists created in different periods, starting from the 1930s of the last century to the first decade of the 21st century, including artworks by Haroutiun and Armine Galentzs from the Lebanon and Armenian periods.

Besides the permanent exhibition of the most prominent and valuable artworks by Haroutiun and Armine Galentzs, the “Galentz Museum” features temporary exhibitions as well. The latter are targeted at interpreting the large-scale collection of the museum at the most through the chronological order and thematic nature of the exhibitions. Since 2011 the museum has started a tradition of holding exhibitions of guest artist under its roof.

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